Eyelash Extensions

Enhance your eyes without the mess and fuss of mascara.  In the relaxing comfort of the Lasting Looks Studio, a complete set of extensions are applied with care and precision.  Each lash is individually applied to your natural lash.  The strong hold adhesive used will give you a long-lasting enhancement without damaging your own lashes.  As your natural lash grows, your extension grows with it!  As your natural lash turns over, a new extension is applied to keep the look fresh.  These Refining Applications are recommended every 2 to 4 weeks.

The definition of “sets” is not universal.  If you are comparing prices for your initial application and refining fill, be sure to understand what you are getting.  At Lasting Looks, a Full Set is 70-100 lashes per eye (75 – 90 mins); Demi Set is 40 – 50  lashes per eye (60 mins).

 Luxurious Mink Lashes

  • $179 (full set) • $139 (demi set)
  • Demi Fill • $45 (30 mins) recommended every 2 – 3 weeks
  • Full Fill • $65 (up to 60 mins) • $20 (each additional 15 minutes) recommended every 3 – 4 weeks

Regular refining applications (fills) are required to maintain your lash set.  New Demi set required after 5 weeks; New Full set required after 6 weeks, if fill applications are missed.

  • Upgrade from Demi Set to Full Set • $80  Must be scheduled within 3 weeks of your last fill appointment.


  • Bridal Package: the bride receives a FULL SET at HALF PRICE plus a complimentary refining application the week of the wedding with the minimum purchase of 3 demi sets for bridal party members. Don’t forget the Bridal Moms!
  • Lash and Liner:
    • Permanent Eyeliner with Full Set of Mink Eyelash Extensions ($629 value) • $579
    • Top Permanent Eyeliner with Full Set of Mink Eyelash Extensions ($529 value) • $429

You decide. We work together to create your Lasting Look.

*All photographs taken by Melisa Ferriola and have not been altered in any way except sizing for website publishing.  Lashes applied by Melisa Ferriola at the Lasting Looks Studio.  Photos may not be used by any other source for any circumstances.