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Facial Treatments

At Lasting Looks, we believe everyone should experience the wonderful sensation of a facial treatment.  Facials have been performed throughout the centuries for deeper cleansing, reversing the signs of aging, restoring and maintaining a healthful and toned visage.

All our facial treatments include a deep cleansing, an analysis of your current skin condition, formulation of your own unique treatment regimen, steaming, toning to restore proper pH balance, and hydration.  We also offer some a la carte options to fight wrinkles and sooth the eye area and to infuse nourishment to hands with heat and massage.  Come experience the Lasting Looks difference.

  • Mango Fresh Facial  •  $90
  • Cranberry Facial  •  $90
  • Chiral-A Anti-Aging Facial  •  $90
  • Cherry Berry Enzyme  •  $90
  • Pumpkin Enzyme Facial  •  $90
  • Skin Brightening Facial  •  $90
    • Oxygen Infusion Facial  •  $105
    • Teen Facial  •  $45
    • Mini Facial  •  $65
    • Add On Services:
      • Hydrating Lip Plumping Treatment • $12
      • Collagen Neck Lift • $15
      • Heated Hand Treatment • $15

Purchase a series of facials and SAVE!  5/$400  (Save $50)


Chemical Peels

Peels are considered a chemical exfoliation – as opposed to a physical exfoliation like a scrub with texture or a mechanical brush.  While most physical exfoliants are great for home use, a chemical peel will give you deeper, more noticeable results.  Aestheticians are trained on various chemical peel types and strengths.

Why would you want a peel?  Chemical peels bring back a healthy glow, fight fine lines, and can lighten skin hyper-pigmentation from sun damage and hormones.

Glycolic Peel – Strength chosen by your skincare professional (5 – 35%).  Best results after a series and should be continued every 3 months to maintain.     $60;  4/$215

TCA, Jessner or Cabernet – These are layered peels.  Based on your skin type and tolerance, your aesthetician will layer 2-5 applications of solution to exfoliate your skin to a natural glow.  You can expect skin peeling and flaking about 2-5 days after the procedure.  Wonderful renewal.   $125;  4/$450


A cosmetic treatment for the face, dermaplaning was traditionally used to remove acne scarring, fine wrinkles, hairs, age spots and sun damage; however, it is now frequently popping up on beauty treatment menus as a remedy to refine the appearance of the skin.  Regardless of its scary-sounding method, it is actually a non-invasive procedure that will help you shed your old skin in under an hour.

  • Full Face • $65
  • Add on to a Custom Facial • $49

Tinting – Brows and Lashes

Tinting your eyebrows and/or eyelashes is a cost effective, easy way to give your eyes framing and dimension.  When applied with care by a licensed professional, eyebrow and eyelash tinting is safe.  Results last about 6 to 8 weeks.  Because Lasting Looks specializes in brow design, be sure to add a brow shaping with Nufree®* for the ultimate results!

  • Eyebrow Tinting • $20
  • Eyelash Tinting • $30
  • Combination Brow and Lash Tinting • $45


Lasting Looks is proud to be using the Nufree® hair removal system – the gold standard!  The only NON-WAX, No Sugar, Anhydrous, Antibacterial and Antimicrobial, soy based hair removal system available.  Nufree® is liquid hair removal that removes the entire bulb and hair shaft.  It only sticks to the hair – NOT the skin – making the process 75% less painful!Looking for a private, personal session without prying eyes?  Forget the crowded hair salon.  Come to Lasting Looks!  Learn how to get the most out of hair removal with a regular routine.  All sessions private and personal. Specializing in eyebrow design.

  • Eyebrows  •  $18
  • Upper Lip  •  $12
  • Brow/Lip Combo  •  $25
  • Chin  •  $12
  • Cheek  •  $15
  • Face Combination  •  $45
  • Underarms  •  $25
  • Half Leg  •  $40
  • Full Leg  •  $65
  • Back  •  $30+
  • Bikini  •  $30    •  3/$80
  • Brazilian  •  $68+

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