Permanent Cosmetic Services

Lasting Looks offers permanent cosmetics for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, plus areola pigmentation, scar camouflage and extensive corrective work.  All services by appointment in our private, professional Hockessin, Delaware studio.  See Policy List at the bottom of this page.

All new permanent cosmetic procedures include TWO applications in the quoted price.  Consultations are highly recommended, FREE and can be booked online.  Click Here.

* Already have Permanent Cosmetics done by another technician?  You are considered a NEW client to Lasting Looks and NEW pricing structure applies.  I always schedule two applications to ensure the work is complete.  Even if no refinement is needed at the second appointment, full pricing applies and is collected at the first appointment.  No exceptions.  If a third application is required because of a color and / or shape correction, an additional $150 table fee will be assessed.

Permanent Eyebrows – Soft Shaded or Microstroke


The eyebrow has the power to frame your entire face and bring out a more youthful dimension.  With the right size and shape, your brow can open your eyes and compliment your natural facial features.  Soft, subtle, and beautiful eyebrows can be created using advanced techniques in hair simulation or shading, whichever is suitable for your face and skin.  Permanent brows can appear totally natural. With permanent eyebrows you will never again have to spend time adjusting placement and matching up your arches.  Our permanent brows can give you back an additional 30 minutes of sleep each morning – and often more time during the day that you don’t spend reapplying!

Interested in fine hair strokes, often called microblading, microstroke, embroidery brows or feathered brows?  See my blog entry on Microblading for more information.

Permanent Eyeliner

$550 (top and bottom) • $400 (top OR bottom)

Lasting Looks will work with you to design your permanent eyeliner to your taste and assist you with what flatters your eyes best. Eyeliner can be just on the upper lid, just the lower lid or both.  It can also range in thickness from a lash enhancement (just in your lash line) to a heavy application.  Our permanent eyeliner is a favorite among people on-the-go, allergy sufferers, and those with contact lens sensitivities.  No running or smearing from regular eyeliners ever again!  Our state-of-the-art techniques utilize an effective topical anesthetic to maintain client comfort.

Permanent Lip Color

$750 (full coverage) • $600 (graduated lip-liner)

Defining lips by adding even the slightest amount of color can wake up any face.  In most women, lips will tend to appear smaller with age.  With permanent lip color, lips can be made to appear fuller and these results are extremely feminine and youthful. Permanent lip color also allows you to reshape irregular lips, but permanent lip color does not increase the size of your lips.  We’ll help you select a color that is complimentary without being overpowering.  *It is highly recommended that you pre- and post- medicate with an anti-viral medication to avoid a cold sore or fever blister outbreak. 

Ongoing Maintenance

While Permanent Cosmetics is permanent, your procedure will require ongoing maintenance for boosting the color and refining the shape.  Protect your investment.  At Lasting Looks, we offer discounted refresh appointments for our clients.  (Maintaining the work of another technician is priced with the NEW client pricing structure – the following prices do not apply.)

    • Brows – Less Than 3 years • $250 / $175
    • Upper OR Lower Eyeliner – Less Than 3 years • $250 / $175
    • Upper AND Lower Eyeliner – Less Than 3 years • $275 / $200
    • Lip Full or Liner – Less Than 3 years • $300


    • Brows – Longer Than 3 years • $300 / $225
    • Upper OR Lower Eyeliner – Longer Than 3 years • $300 / $225
    • Upper AND Lower Eyeliner – L0nger Than 3 years • $375 / $300
    • Lip Full or Liner – Longer Than 3 years • $400


NOTE:  This pricing is for ONE application.  Pricing denotes Melisa / Brittany.  Color Boosts done within a reasonable amount of time and without the complications of previous corrective work SHOULD require only one application, but this is not guaranteed.  Whether it is a small spot or a complete second application – an additional $100 table fee will be charged.  Please understand that we try to keep your ongoing maintenance costs as low as possible.  We want you to maintain your investment.  We use only the best pigment and needles and we are committed to continuing education at least twice per year so that you are getting the best educated permanent cosmetic artists in the area.  And this comes with high expenses.  Thank you for your continued faith in our talent and abilities.  We have a passion for what we do!



  • Total Beauty – Top and Bottom Eyeliner, Full Lips, Brows ($1850 value) • $1700
  • Total Beauty (Upper) – Top Eyeliner, Full Lips, Brows ($1700 value) • $1550
  • Diva Beauty – Liner, Lips, Brows, Full EE ($2029 value) • $1879


Other Permanent Cosmetic Services

Please schedule a complimentary consultation.  Priced per application. Quote is provided before any work is initiated.

  • Areola Pigmentation
  • Scar Camouflage
  • Tattoo Lightening

You decide. We work together to create your Lasting Look.

All Consultations are FREE!
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Policies and Procedures

  • All services are performed as personal appointments Monday through Saturday.
  • Returned check fee is $29.
  • Failure to provide 24 hours notice for the cancellation of your permanent cosmetic appointment, will result in the following:  $200 deposit required to rebook, any and all discounts and coupons are no longer applicable to the rebooking.
  • Prices for permanent cosmetic procedures include topical anesthetics for your comfort.
  • All permanent cosmetic procedures include the initial application and one refining application scheduled within 90 days.
  • Additional touch-ups priced as a $100 table fee – for small spot or another complete application.
  • Corrections on another technician’s work may have an additional charge.  In my experience, corrections may sometimes require 3 applications to fully correct.  Price quote provided at consultation.
  • Permanent makeup fades over time and will eventually need a color boost. Color boost of our own work will be done at a discounted rate.  See pricing above.