Would you like to improve your existing skills?  Are you looking to expand your current Aesthetics menu?  Do you need a little refresh or would you like to take your skills to the next level?  Lasting Looks may have the workshop for you!

Lasting Looks now provides personalized workshops for licensed professionals.  We will help you create the perfect brow, conduct a Brazilian wax with ease and comfort or add the perfect touches to your facials.   Eyelash Extensions are taking Delaware by storm.  Don’t be left behind!  Contact us directly and let us know what you need.  We would love to work with you to supplement your existing education.  Call today to reserve your personal, career enhancing session!

****All aesthetic workshops require proof of existing, current license – esthetician or cosmetology.
****All permanent cosmetic workshops are for existing permanent cosmetic technicians.  These are NOT fundamental classes.  No licensing or permitting is awarded or achieved with these workshops.  All pmu workshops should be considered as supplemental to your current training and will require proof of current practice and current BBP certification for participation. 


Review our workshop options below


Eyelash Extensions!

Would you like to add this fabulous treatment to your resume or salon?  Have you scoured the internet to find a reputable training course only to be overwhelmed by the cost? (training, supplies, travel, hotel, etc.)  Look no further!  Lasting Looks has the expertise to pass on this awesome skill with three options to fit your budget!

Limited Cost; Unlimited Opportunity   $599

One full day workshop of compact, intense training.  Hands-on experience.  No supply purchase necessary.

Ready, Set, Go!    $900

Two full days.  Intense training.  Extensive hands-on.  Workshop will be held on two consecutive Mondays with time for you to practice on your own between sessions.  Day two of the workshop will focus on trouble-shooting, answering all your questions and additional hands on study.

Let’s Blink that Again!   $399

4 hours of focused study for experienced lashers that need to bring their technique to the next level.  If you are not applying 50 to 60 lashes per eye in one hour … If you are frustrated because your lashes stick together … If your clients are not returning for fills … If your regular appointments are longer than one hour and full sets are greater than 2 hours … You need this workshop.

Eyelash Extension Kit

Tools and supplies used during workshops are all included in the pricing.  If you would like to purchase a lash kit, please contact us for vendor recommendations.  If you are taking the two-day workshop, you may want to have supplies purchased in advance so that you are able to work on your own between sessions.

Esthetic Skills 

For the licensed esthetician or cosmetologist that would like to expand their skills. Student responsible for acquiring models.  If applicable, model fee listed in workshop description must be prepaid to Lasting Looks upon scheduling.

Brow Design   $250

This four hour workshop will discuss brow design for your client and how to find the shape that may be non-existent (so you think).  See brows in a new way.  This class is a must for the practitioner that is waxing brows or the permanent cosmetic technician that is tattooing a permanent shape.  Up to four models needed per student to perform actual brow shaping – wax, tweezing and/or razor.  Model fee: none.

Brazillian Waxing with Nufree   $250

This workshop (Up to 3 hours – time depends on hair growth on models used) will provide hands-on training using the Nufree Hair Removal system on three models.  Up to four models needed per student to perform actual brazillian procedure.  Model fee:  $30

 Permanent Cosmetics! 

Supplementary   $1500

For the already active permanent cosmetic artist currently using a rotary or coil machine, that wants to expand their artistry with the manual hand method technique.  This two-day workshop will provide you with enough hand-tool knowledge and experience to begin integrating the manual method into your current practice.  Proof on existing training, permits, etc. to practice in your current location must be submitted for workshop approval.

Advanced Workshop   $900/day

For the already active permanent cosmetic artist currently using hand tool, that wants to expand their artistry with other techniques or procedures.  Contact Melisa to inquire about skills you would like to incorporate with the hand tool to your existing practice.  Lips, Microblading, shaded brow.  Proof on existing training, permits, etc. to practice in your current location must be submitted for workshop approval.

Be A Model   $150 each procedure / each application

Would you love to have permanent cosmetics done, but can’t afford the price?  Be A Model for a training artist.  Fully supervised by Melisa Ferriola, so your results will be comparable to Melisa’s work.  Also, all students are active artists using a different modality, so you have the benefit of EXPERIENCED Students.  Model work is for one application.  Additional applications (2 required) may be scheduled with the student for their requested price or with Melisa @ Lasting Looks for an additional $150.  Great Opportunity.  Call today to get on a waiting list for the next scheduled participant/workshop.  Available only for Brows, Eyeliner and Lips.