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Unfortunately, I do NOT get asked about my training very often. The general public assumes that because I have an established business, the office is clean and respectable, and I sound like I know what I am doing, I must have good training and experience. And this all holds true for me and my Lasting Looks business, which was established in 2006. That is not the case for everyone and that is not even required.

Delaware has ZERO education requirements to do body art tattooing or permanent cosmetics.

Let me say that again…ZERO education requirements. Not to be hard on Delaware, there are many states that is a true statement. These regulations are designed by business licensing legislation at the state level – as it should be. The states requirements vary widely – from 3-year apprenticeships to 300 hours to zero hours. Delaware happens to be at zero hours currently, but I believe that will change in the next 1 to 2 years. Delaware does not even require a course in Blood Borne Pathogens – the standard for teaching cross-contamination and infection control.

Delaware State Licensing Requirements:

  Cosmetologist License:  1500 hours

  Barber License:  1500 hours

  Esthetician License:    600   hours

  Nail Technician License:    300 hours

  Electrologist License:    300 hours

  Massage Therapist License:    500 hours

Permanent Cosmetic Artist/ Cosmetic Tattoo Artist / Graphic Tattoo Artist:

0 Hours

(Pay $100 to the DE Public Board of Health for premises inspection – sharps container, disposable tools or autoclave, washable floor, walls and ceiling.)

The point of mentioning this? ASK. Get proof. Education in this field is expensive because more than not it involves airfare, hotel and meals above the actual class fee. Thankfully, the pandemic has taught us all how to utilize well the online training courses, but hands-on training matters too, especially for technicians with very little actual experience (less than 5 years).

How much training is needed? A good fundamental training in permanent cosmetics should consist of at least 100 hours. See for more information on permanent cosmetic training. When choosing a technician, look for a strong fundamental training course AND continuing education hours in the range of 10 to 30 hours per year. This is a skill and an art on a living, breathing canvas. It takes time and experience to perfect the craft. Interview your technician well – your face will thank you. 

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