Does It Hurt?

Permanent Cosmetics is a tattoo. Needles are lightly inserted into the top layer of the skin.  This area does have nerve endings. So, yes, you will feel the procedure.  Unlike body art, most technicians that do permanent cosmetics use a topical ointment or cream anesthetic to numb the area.  This does not render the process pain-free, but most find it surprisingly comfortable.

Eyebrows are the least painful area because the skin is a little thicker.  A shaded brow is not that bad.  The technique of microblading is a little more painful than a shaded brow because of the way the needles enter the skin.  I like to do a small amount of shading first to open the skin, apply a secondary topical anesthetic and then continue with microblading strokes.

Eyeliner is done on the thinnest skin on the body and it is being done remarkably close to the eye.  This procedure is a bit more uncomfortable – one, because the skin is so thin and two, because the client is usually apprehensive about someone working that closely to the eye.  Stretch is the most important part of the eyeliner process – it helps reduce the amount of pain experienced and produces a better retention outcome.

Lips are the most sensitive area.  We have a lot of nerve endings around our mouth – that is why we love kissing! It is a wonderful sensation.  This process is done in a series of passes.  With each pass, more topical can be used to continue the numbing of the area.  While I have had clients fall asleep during this procedure, not everyone is happy with the pain level. 

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different so it is hard to determine what the experience will be like for you.  I am doing all I can with quality topical anesthetics and experienced technique to help make your visit as comfortable as possible.  While there are various reasons to feel that permanent cosmetics is not for you, I would say that fear of the pain is not one of them.  It is very tolerable, and the results are worth it!

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